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Benefits to Joining WVRS

In addition to the intangible aspects of helping the community and developing life-long friendships, joining WVRS has it’s tangible perks.

All training (EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter, etc) is provided 100% free to you by the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Training Academy in Gaithersburg, MD. In addition, all uniforms are provided for free.

Active members have access to resources through Montgomery County and the State of Maryland including:

  • LOASP. A financial stipend based on years of service.
  • Tuition Assistance. Access to funds to use for education related to a similar career profession (e.g. Nursing, Medical School, etc) as well as other scholarship funds only available to Montgomery County volunteers.
  • Discounts. Access to sites like GovX.com for product and services discounts.
  • Ride On Bus Passes. Free through Montgomery County.
  • Capital Bike Share. Save $60 on an annual membership.
  • MSFA Programs. Classes for college credit or continual education.
  • County Employee Hiring Preference. Apply for Montgomery County positions that normally are limited to current County employees.
  • Maryland Income Tax Subtraction Program. $7,000 deduction in income taxes (2022) after several years of service.
  • Montgomery County Property Tax Subtraction Program. $2500 deduction in property taxes after qualified service.