The Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad operates four types of fire/rescue apparatus (vehicles).

  • Rescue Squads
  • Medic units
  • Ambulances
  • Utility vehicles

Rescue Squads

Our two heavy rescue squads are designated Rescue Squad 742B and Rescue Squad 742.

Rescue Squad 742B (formerly RS28) is a 1996 Mack/Emergency-One heavy squad. The rescue squad was out of service for more than a year after it was heavily damaged in an accident in an ice storm in February of 1996. There is more information and pictures of Rescue Squad 28 in action online, as well an interactive online tour of the rescue squad.

Rescue Squad 742 (formerly RS29) is a 22′ 2004 Spartan/Marion heavy rescue squad, placed in service on November 21, 2004.

The previous Rescue Squad 29 was a 1986 Ranger/Pemfab heavy squad. It was sold to the Horry County Rescue Squad in South Carolina.

Detailed information on the 1986 Rescue Squad 29 is here.

Rescue Squad 29


EMS Units

Our emergency medical services (EMS) units are designated Medics 742, 742B and 742C, and Ambulances 742D, 742E, and 742F.

All six of our EMS units carry similar supplies and equipment. Both ambulances and medic units carry a full complement of basic life support equipment; the medic unit also carries advanced life support equipment.

There is an interactive online tour of one of our ambulances available.

Ambulance 23 and Medic 22 are 1998 Ford E350/Medtec Type III ambulances.

Ambulance 24 and Medic 21 are 2001 Ford E450/Medtec Type III ambulances.

Ambulance 25 and Medic 20 are 2003 Ford E450/Medtec Type III ambulances.