Ballroom at Wheaton Glen information

by Jacob DeGlopper

For all those who have been looking for information on the banquet hall in the new station, the website is now live at

Two Pinned at Georgia & Dexter

by Matt Jorge

Around 0330 hours on the morning of Sunday 1/26/14, Rescue Squad 742 was dispatched along with Ambulance 742E for a PIC at Georgia Ave and Dexter Ave. RS742 arrived and reported a car into a tree with two priority 1 patients pinned inside. RS742 used hydraulic rescue tools to remove the door, roof, and push the dashboard off of the patients pinned inside. Both patients were extricated and packaged in less than 15 minutes and transported to local hospitals.

Squad Crew: Captain Adam St. John, MFF Aaric Wright, FFII Chat Halambre and observer Olexa Horbachevsky.
M742: Captain Gam Wijetunge, EMS Provider Mike Mathis, FFII Mark Reddish and EMS Jose Cortez
A742E: FFIII Andrew Jacobs, EMS Provider Dominique Parker, EMS Candidate Toby Jorrin, Geoff Herman

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WVRS Annual Christmas Tree Sale

by Matt Jorge

The Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad is hosting its annual Christmas Tree sale at the Wheaton Triangle (at the intersection of Grandview and Reedie Avenues). The trees range in height and we also offer a variety of wreaths. Proceeds support our organization.

The tree lot will be open from Saturday 11/30 through Tuesday 12/24, and the hours are 4:00PM – 9:30PM on weekdays and 10:00AM – 9:30PM on weekends. We look forward to seeing you there!

Patient Trapped Under Metro Train

by Matt Jorge
At approximately 1430 hours on Sunday November 10, Chief 742B, Rescue Squad 742, Medic 742C, and other MCFRS units were dispatched to the Silver Spring Metro Station for the report of a patient struck by and trapped under a train.  Upon arrival, units confirmed that they had a patient with significant injuries trapped underneath the train.
RS742 proceeded to the platform with air-bag lifting equipment, patient immobilization materials, and third rail testing equipment.  M742C staged on the platform and C742B assumed the role of extrication supervisor. After confirmed shutdown of power, two members from RS742′s crew deployed a stokes basket and rope system from the north end of the platform while two others proceeded under the train, between the tracks, where clearance was less than 12 inches. Due to their impediment to patient extrication, the third rail covers were removed, which enabled crews to remove the patient from the tracks. The medic crew transported the patient to a local hospital with critical injuries.
C742B: Deputy Chief Erik Karlsons
RS742: Captain Adam St. John, MFF Ruphin Nguelie, FFIII Andrew Jacobs, FFII Julio Deras, FFII Kenneth Lacayo, FFII Mark Reddish
M742C: EMS Captain Jerry David, EMS I Mike Smith, CP Leo Murray, CP Sergio Bernal
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WVRS Grand Opening

by Matt Jorge

The Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad finally moved to its new location at the intersection of Georgia and Arcola Avenues, just south of the Wheaton Library. There was a large turnout at the ceremony, and the station responded to its first call only 15 minutes after it went into service, at 1515 hours on Saturday November 16. The new station, almost four times the size of the former location at Grandview and Blueridge Avenues, provides much-needed additional space for apparatus, equipment, and personnel.

The Gazette ran an article about the event and the new station on 11/13, available at this link.

The Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad is Moving!

by Matt Jorge

The Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad will be moving to its beautiful new station just a little north of its current location, at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Arcola Avenue. To celebrate the occasion, there will be a Grand Opening Ceremony at 11 AM on Saturday, November 16. We look forward to moving into our new home!

Buy a Brick!

by Jacob DeGlopper

Support the building project for our new station and buy a brick! Time is very short, just a couple of days, to get your brick order in so that your brick can be installed prior to the opening of the new Rescue Squad Building.

Leave a lasting legacy of your support to the dedicated volunteers through our Buy-A-Brick Program

  • Bronze Sponsor
    Contributions of $100 will provide for a 4” x 8” brick which will be engraved with your name or personal
    message of up to 3 lines of 20 spaces per line.

  • Silver Sponsor
    Contributions of $250 will provide for a 4” x 8” brick which will be engraved with your name or personal
    message of up to 3 lines of 20 spaces per line. A paperweight version of your brick will be presented to

  • Gold Sponsor
    Contributions of $500 will provide for an 8” x 8” brick which will be engraved with your name or personal
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WVRS Brick Order Form

Car on its side and working fire

by Matt Jorge

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On January 25th, the Wheaton Rescue Squad was kept very busy, responding to multiple box alarms and car accidents.  Noteworthy was a call in 25′s area for a car on its side with its driver trapped.  Rescue Squad 742 arrived on scene to find the truck crew stabilizing the vehicle.  Icy and snowy conditions made for a very tricky and interesting tie back.  Once stabilization was established, extrication of the driver occurred and was evaluated by medical crews on the scene.

A few calls later, the box tones alerted RS742 to company 21′s area for the house fire.  Once on Veirs Mill Rd, a column of smoke was visible in the night sky.  RS742 arrived third on scene to find fire showing, the crew began search, utility control and assisted in extinguishment of the fire primarily contained to the attic.  RS742 helped in extensive overhaul and was in service 3 hours after the dispatch time.

RS742: FFIII Ruphin Nguelie, FFIII Stefhan Dassoulas, FFII RJ Samaroo, FFII Mark Reddish, FFII Andrew Jacobs, FFII Ken Lacayo

Busy December Night

by Matt Jorge

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On Wednesday, December 26th at 1945 hours, Rescue Company 2 was alerted to the collision with one overturned at Newport Mill and Veirs Mill Road. Upon arrival, it was confirmed one occupant trapped. The Squad crew worked quickly to build a box crib and stabilize the vehicle. Once stabilized, the passenger side was completely removed to extricate the patient. Care was transferred to an awaiting Medic 742 and the patient transported to a local hospital.


About an hour later, Rescue Company 2 units were dispatched to Claridge and Veirs Mill for the report of another collision. Upon arrival Rescue Squad 742 confirmed one heavily pinned after the T-bone collision with a construction van. It took some outside the box thinking in order to successfully extricate the driver since the two vehicles were crushed together. The chains and come-a-long were used to spin the smaller vehicle and dislodge the car from the van. Once enough space was created, the Squad crew went to work, cutting and spreading the car to free the driver. Once extricated, care was transferred to Medic 742 and the driver was transported to a local hospital.


C742C: D/C Jacob Deglopper

RS742: D/C Mark Dempsey, Lt. Brett Russell, FFII Stefhan Dassoulas, FFPM Aryeh Singer

M742: Capt Longo (DFRS), Lt John Calinger




Extrication During Hurricane Sandy

by Matt Jorge

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Around 2030 hours on Sunday October 28th, Rescue Squad 742 was dispatched for the vehicle on its side on the inner loop of the Capital Beltway between Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road.  Units from Station 19 arrived to confirm one vehicle on its side with the driver trapped.  The squad crew arrived on scene, stabilized the vehicle with a tie-back and began to extricate the driver.  Plan A and Plan B failed to access the occupant of the vehicle, but quick thinking by the squad driver had the air system ready to go.  The chisel was used to cut through the roof and successfully extricate the driver.  Units cleaned up and were placed in service soon afterwards.


Rescue Squad 742 Crew: Deputy Chief Jacob DeGlopper, FFII Stefhan Dassoulas, FFII RJ Samaroo, FFII Julio Deras, FFII Aryeh Singer