One trapped, one fatality on Veirs Mill Rd.

by Andrew Young

Around 1240 hours on the afternoon of Sunday, February 1, 2009 communications dispatched the assignment for one ejected in the parking lot of Rock Creek Terrace Apartments on the 12600 block of Veirs Mill Rd. Rescue Squad 742 responded on the initial assignment. Chief 705D arrived on scene and reported one priority four patient and one priority one patient still trapped in the vehicle. RS742 arrived on scene shortly thereafter. The crew found a vehicle that while traveling down southbound Veirs Mill Rd. had lost control, hit a tree and split in half. In the process the passenger had been ejected from the car and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries on scene. The driver was luckily still alive but trapped in the front half of the car. The squad crew quickly stabilized the vehicle and extricated the patient utilizing hydraulic cutters and spreaders. The patient was then disentangled from the vehicle and care was transferred to waiting EMS providers.

RS742 crew: Capt. Todd Sniffin, MFF Karla Martinez, FFIII Andrew Young, Observer Jeidy Hernandez

News coverage: Washington Post, WUSA9, NBC4, FOX5, Gazette